Friday, 4 December 2009

Friday's Flower

Friday is the day of the week sacred to Aphrodite. The etymology of the name Friday shows us that it was originally called hemera Aphrodites (Aphrodite's Day). This was translated in Latin to dies Veneris (day of Venus). In Germanic languages, it was interpreted as Frigga's day or Freya's day, both goddesses being goddesses of love and beauty in areas of Germany and the Norse lands. The English name Friday is therefore derived from the Germanic interpretations.

We share with you prayers, blessings, affirmations and poetry dedicated to Aphrodite to honour Her on Her sacred day.

In the Northern Hemisphere at this dark time of the year, we honour Aphrodite as Aphrodite Epitymbria (Aphrodite of the Tombs); a wise Queen who imparts Her wisdom and love upon us. Today I offer the following prayer:-

Wise One, tell me what I need to know
To let the flame of love burn eternal
Let my lover come to me
With open arms and an open heart.

Ancient and shining one,
I can see forever in your eyes
Each point leads to another
Till the ancient wisdom of love is revealed
Love of life
Love of self
Love of Goddess
Love of everything
Love of the One
When all is revealed
They are all the same
The wisdom of the crone
Resides within us all
And when I look within
I tap into this spirit,
Ancient, and all-knowing

Sirona Knight
Goddess Bless! Divine Affirmations, Prayers, and Blessings

May you walk in Her light and love this day.



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