Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Full Moon Blessings

Blessings of the Full Oak Moon on this chilly December evening!

This blog is born out of divine inspiration in tribute and celebration of Aphrodite, Greek Goddess of love, beauty, sensuality and so much more.

Long has Aphrodite been cast in a negative light, portrayed as a "flakey love goddess" who is vain and scornful and Her worship overly sexualised with sole emphasis on sacred prostitution.

Through writing about our own study and personal journeys with Aphrodite, we seek to dispel the negativity surrounding Aphrodite and bring back awareness of Her lesser known and worshipped aspects/attributes. In doing so we hope to inspire others to open up to Aphrodite, Her ultimate love and healing power and the realisation that we are all Her beautiful flowers.

Welcome to the sacred garden, Aphrodite's Flower!

Blessings and love,


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