Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Orphic Hymn to Aphrodite

The reciting or reading aloud of a hymn was considered an offering to the Gods in Ancient Greece. It is something to remember for when you are low on time, funds, or at a loss as to what to offer her. I cherish the thought that something so simple can bring me closer to her.

Hymns of Orpheus to Aphrodite

Child of Ocean
amazing beauty, we honor you.
You rule deep earth,
encircling heaven,
the stormy seas
and everything in them.
Mother of sweet marriage,
you join the world together
with laughter and harmony;
even the Fates obey you.
Every eye seeks you.
Give us beauty and love.
Delighted by secrets
and lavish feasts
you are concord
and persuasion.
You are beautiful necessity
even in the frenzy of the shark,
delicate as sea foam of Cyprus,
fragrant as Syrian oils,
bright as golden chariots
on Egyptian plains
by the sandy bank
of the turquoise Nile,
a choir of the loveliest Nymphs
sings a hymn to your beauty.
With reverence we ask
for the gift of grace 

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