Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Courtesy of Dawn Black

Tender lover, blessed temptress, sacred whore
You to whom all pay homage
You before whom women weep and men pale
You great Goddess who blushes the cheek of the plainest maid
And sparkles the eye of the homeliest youth
At your touch does the belly of every female creature grow ripe
And bring forth new life
You bless us with tenderness and cursei us with madness
You flush our cheeks with pleasure
And wet them with tears
Yours is the power of joy and misery
Of companionship and loneliness
You break our hearts and make us whole
Through you, Oh Goddess, mighty and terrible
Do we reach out from within ourselves
Do we leave the safe shelter of our parents’ homes
To learn the ways of another
For good or for ill
And in so learning of another
We learn of ourselves
Those deep places of intense pleasure and intolerable pain
Through your rites, great mysteries are discovered
Through your rites, life is spawned anew
Even in the greatest destruction
In the darkest desolation
You bring forth life from the lowliest of creatures
You have touched me, Goddess
And blessed me in so many ways
Alli that I have desired, you have granted me, if only for awhile
And as each lover came to me, desiring
Seeing the glow within me that is the gift bestowed upon the luckiest and most ardent of your followers
I have discovered the divine joy of your rites
And as each left me, I suffered too
And in this joy and suffering, I have learned
Each one brought a new lesson
Each rite a new mystery
Each dance a new journey
And for this, Oh Goddess, I do thank you
And for your radiance, your kindness, your cruelty and your might
I do give you honor.

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