Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Aphrodite's Flame

Aphrodite's Flame came into being on the full moon of 2nd December 2009. Divinely inspired, Priestesses of the Goddess, Elle Hull and Tanisha, channeled the light and love of Aphrodite in ritual and ceremony to bring to life Aphrodite's Flame that through this flame others may know Her, be touched by Her beauty, inspired by Her passion and healed through Her love. Her Flame is a never ending source of Her love and blessings which radiate out in to the world to all those who seek them or need them.

Aphrodite's Flame carries the energies of Aphrodite as Asteria of the Morning Star, Pandemos of the sensual and sexual fire, Philomedes of laughter, as She who creates the sparks of inspiration, the bountiful Doritidos, as Chrysea the Golden One who shines like the sun, Praxis, Lady of Action, Ourania of the heavens, Comaetho of the fiery hair, Anadyomene of the Sea, as the love, beauty and passion which are Her very essence.

Since then, Elle and Tanisha have tended Aphrodite's Flame regularly in meditation and ritual, each adding her own energies to the Flame. Combined, Aphrodite's Flame is now a powerful way to invoke the presence of Aphrodite in our hearts, our homes, our temples and spread Her loving energies throughout the world. As others begin to work with Her Flame in meditation, ritual, healing, honouring, sharing, so they, too, will add their energies to the Flame which will see its love and light grow and evolve.

We now invite others to join us in holding and working with Aphrodite's Flame. If you wish to participate, please email Elle at avalonblessings@googlemail.com providing your name and mailing address so a candle can be posted to you. You will receive a tealight descended from the original Aphrodite's Flame candles lit by Tanisha and Elle containing the Flame's energy in it. You may use your tealight to light any candle you are using. You may work with or hold the Flame in what ever way you feel inspired to. There is no set invocation or ceremony.

Important note: The element of fire can be dangerous if proper care is not taken. Please ensure that you take precautions to ensure the safety of yourself, others around you and your environment (whether indoors or outdoors) when working with the flame.

Please do pass the Flame to others by providing them with candles lit from your own Flame to spread Aphrodite's light and love throughout the world.

Blessings of Aphrodite,

Elle and Tanisha

PS: If you are in the Oakland, CA area, Priestess Tanisha is hosting an Aphrodite Tea at The Sacred Well on the 4th April between 12 and 2 PM where she will be giving away Flame candles. Please see the Sacred Well's website for further information. http://www.sacredwell.com/

PLEASE NOTE: Aphrodite's Flame was not "appointed by the Glastonbury Goddess Temple" as suggested in the Sacred Well's advertisement. Aphrodite's Flame, although inspired in part by the Flame of Avalon as held by the Glastonbury Goddess Temple, was appointed solely by Elle and Tanisha in their desire to bring Aphrodite to others.

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