Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Aphrodite's Rosary

Someone asked about the knotted cord as seen on my altar in the picture I posted last week.

To confirm, this is an Aphrodite Rosary which was shared with me by a friend who attended a ritual I did last Beltane to honour Blodeuwedd. She saw my Aphrodite statue and so shared this rosary with me.

The actual cord is simply pink cord knotted 40 times. I don't think there are any hard and fast rules on this though. You can create one using rose quartz beads or use a different colour cord, say, red or green or even blue. Whatever works for you. Pink worked fine for me.

Using the knots on the cord, chant the following prayer 40 times:-

Hail Aphrodite!
Queen of Heaven!
Thou are the Great Goddess
The Holy Mother of the Universe
O Silver Moon!
O Star of the Sea!
Let me be at one with Thee
Now and for eternity!

I've found doing this chanting prayer to be a powerful way to connect with Aphrodite. Try it and enjoy!


  1. Wonderful! Do you have a specific prayer that you use?

  2. Not really, but I thinking of using a poem I wrote.

  3. I also have a "rosary" that I made several years ago, though I made it to be very complex. I use it as a meditational ladder, and it was adapted from the concept of a Witches' Ladder. (I've often thought of making one with rose beads, but I haven't taken that on as a project yet.)