Friday, 19 March 2010

Friday's Flower

Beautiful Hemera Aphrodites!

Today's flower is violet. Why? Because the Temple of Aphrodite Asteria has recently released a wonderful new book, Crown of Violets: Words and Images Inspired by Aphrodite. It's a beautiful book that imparts such love and connection with Aphrodite.

I thought I'd share one teaser/taster from the book; part of a lovely poem by Priestess of Aphrodite, Laurelei Black.

Enter My Temple
by Laurelei Black

Enter My temple
And be subdued by the glittering flame
In golden braziers.
Be enveloped by the flaming incense that
Rises from My altar.

Out of respect for Laurelei and her and the Temple's copyright, this is all I shall share. Please do click the link above and buy a copy of Crown of Violets so you can read the rest of her poem. You won't regret it!

I shall leave you with a picture of one of my altars to Aphrodite.

Blessings of Maiden Aphrodite to you for this weekend's spring equinox!


  1. Oh, Elle, thank you for the lovely review!

    And your altar is breath-taking. Simply stunning.

  2. Elle, I love your altar! The tingsha bells are an especially nice touch. May I inquire what the knotted cord is used for? Is it a kind of rosary? Stunning image for the Goddess of Beauty!

  3. Hi ladies! Apologies for the delay in response. Didn't get an email notification so did not see these comments until today.

    Laurelei - Most welcome and thank you! Your book is truly wonderful and I'm really enjoying it!

    Glaux - You are correct! The knotted cord is an Aphrodite rosary shared with me by a friend.