Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Interesting Things

I spent some time this morning searching Google Blogs for other blogs on Aphrodite.  Of course, after yesterday's Kylie news, I had to sift through several pages of blog posts about her new Aphrodite album (including my own found on page 4 of the search results!) before I found anything concerning Aphrodite as Goddess.  But I did find a couple interesting things which I share here.

First, the art of Edward Kwong who has done a couple sketches entitled Aphrodite Ourania -

I quite like his second drawing which is somewhat ornate and very beautiful.  His art, generally, is quite nice and worth a peek through.

Secondly, the House of Ecstasy are, according to this, doing a film titled Priestesses of Aphrodite.  My curiosity is peaked because they are, in essence, Pagans making erotic films that combine sex, sexuality, sensuality, Goddess and magick.  The clip of their first film looked interesting (and is definitely not work safe nor safe for kiddies under 18 to watch should you decide to go watch it) but not interesting enough for me to want to buy it and watch it in full.  

I am a bit concerned at the comment in their blog that Priestesses of Aphrodite "will have more straight-out sex" than their previous film.  That leads me to think that Goddess, ritual and magick will either be played down or missed out entirely, and if that is the case I would be disappointed.  

On the other hand, the blurb on their Facebook states:

"I'm pleased to say that we are in pre-production for our next film "Priestesses of Aphrodite" starring three luscious priestesses and a keeper of the temple. It will be a celebration of divine feminie sexuality. Will keep you posted as things develop."

So it's once again a case of "watch this space".  I'm kind of into the idea of an erotic film dedicated to Aphrodite, so I am following House of Ecstasy's updates on their new film.