Saturday, 1 May 2010

Beltane Blessings

Not a Greek festival by any stretch of the imagination, but nevertheless, I find it another excuse to celebrate Aphrodite, so Happy Beltane to all!

I just this evening returned from my beloved Glastonbury where I helped to host the Goddess Temple's Beltane ceremony last night.  It was a terrific time and love was definitely in the air!  It was only appropriate given it was Aphrodite's Day! 

While I was there, I visited one of my favourite shops, Venus.

And here's one of the main reasons I go in - this beautiful altar to Venus/Aphrodite with a garden sized statue.  

And occasionally I buy things from them too.  :)  They're a great shop.  And if you can't get to Glastonbury to visit them in person, see them on the web:

Have a beautiful Beltane!

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