Friday, 21 May 2010

Friday rolls around once again like a sip of sweet wine on the palate.  Venus is in the fourth house of Cancer today, the house associated with the home, sometimes the mother, nurturing, unconditional love.  So it's a good day to indulge yourself.  Have a nice long candlelit bubble bath with a good book with some strawberries and champagne on the side.  Nurture yourself and your emotions.  Relax and feel love in the sanctuary that is your home.

To aid in your self nurturing, love and indulgence, call Aphrodite into your heart.  Take a few deep breaths and open your heart to Her......

Beautiful Aphrodite
Gracious Golden One
She of the Sea and Tides
Lady of Love and Flowers
Be in our hearts this day
Touch our hearts and souls
With the golden light of Your love
Hold us in Your loving embrace
Nurture us as we nurture ourselves
Bring forth within us enduring self-love
Aphrodite Ourania allow us to shine like stars
That we may be a guiding lamp for others who need and seek Your loving light
Be with us today as always
We breathe Your love and energy in
Hail and welcome into our hearts Aphrodite

Enjoy this beautiful golden day!

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