Monday, 14 June 2010

Aphrodite of War

We all know that Aphrodite has warlike epithets, Enoplias-Bearing Weapons, Androphonos-Killer of Men, and that she was lover of Ares-God of War, and wife of Hephaestos, creator of arms.
Black (Warlike) Aphrodites flourished in Sparta, Cyprus, and elsewhere, according to Paul Friedrich, in his book Aphrodite. They haunted cemetaries, slew men, and the Black Aphrodites were war Goddesses. The most famous example of their power occured when the prostitutes at Corinth offered a group prayer that was seen as responsible, partly for the naval victory at Salamis.
 "For the Greeks and for their hard fighting armies
These girls stood forth to pray to the Lady Cypris,
And Aphrodite willed that none should betray,
to Persian archers this citadel of Hellas."

*references Paul Friedrich, "The Meaning of Aphrodite" pg. 218

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  1. Thanks for this! Another book to add to my reading list too. ;)