Friday, 18 June 2010

Friday's Flower

Lovers know there are roses
in the bloody veil of love;
they live astounded
by Love's matchless beauty.
The intellect says,
"The six directions are blocked!"
Love says, "There's a way!"
Intellect sees a market
and starts to haggle;
Loves sees thousands of markets
beyond that market.
How many mystic martyrs
hidden in Love's soul
have abandoned the preacher's chair
to climb onto the scaffold!
Lovers who drink the wine’s dregs
reel from bliss to bliss;
dark-hearted skeptics
burn inwardly with denial.
Intellect says, "Stay where you are!"
Annihilation has only thorns!
Love laughs, "The thorns are in you!"
Keep silent, and tear Being's thorn
out of your heart;
discover in your own soul
rose garden after rose garden.

- Rumi

Wishing you a beautiful Hemera Aphrodites.  The moon is waxing in Virgo today.  A good day for grounding, centring, meditation, clearing out the mental clutter and take some gentle exercise.  Tear out the thorns of annihilation and discover the roses of your soul.

Peace and blessings,

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