Friday, 23 July 2010

Flower Blessings

I admit that I have no nugget of beauty to share at the moment and I think Tanisha is mostly without a computer at the moment.

This is not to say that Aphrodite hasn't been in my heart today.  She has been as I am preparing to attend the Glastonbury Goddess Conference next week.  This year's theme is "Celebrating the Goddess of Love".  Of course this means many of the indigenous Goddesses of the UK feature prominently but so do others, including our Lady, Aphrodite, and I'm SO looking forward to the workshops, the presentations, the ceremonies, the singing, the dancing, the connecting and so on!

I'm also dressing up as Aphrodite for the conference's masquerade ball.  I hope I can do Her justice!  Pictures will no doubt be taken and I shall share upon my return.

In the meantime, Lammas is coming up on the Avalon Wheel; the time when we are honouring the abundant Mother Goddess as we celebrate the first fruits of the harvest.  It's not really a holiday that Aphrodite fits easily into without a lot of creative license.  Me being me, I take that license anyway and celebrate Aphrodite as Mother to us all.  If you do so as well, I wish you all the blessings of Aphrodite the Mother at the time of Lammas!

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