Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Back From The Mists...Sort Of

When last we left our Aphrodite loving priestess, she was preparing for her journey to Glastonbury to attend the Goddess Conference.

Well, if you've been following my other blog or follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you know by now that I've been back for over a week.  Sorry I've been MIA.  I've been doing a series of posts on my Avalon Blessings blog about my conference experience.

I definitely had some Aphrodite experiences while I was there, not the least of which was dressing up as Aphrodite for the Gorgeous Goddess Gala on the Saturday night!  I intend to share some of those experiences on this blog as I go along with my updates.  Most likely they will be excerpts from the full postings and perhaps any further thoughts I might have.

I appreciate everyone's patience while I'm focusing on my Avalon Blessings blog.  If you would like to read about my Conference experience over there, please do!  Link! http://avalonblessings.blogspot.com/  In the meantime, a belated Friday's Flower - Kellianna's song Aphrodite and Pan.

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