Friday, 5 November 2010

Hemera Aphrodites

It's Aphrodite's day once again.  Beautiful Friday!  How so many adore thee!

My Friday devotions are very simple - light Aphrodite's flame and burn incense in offering and honour of Her.  Sometimes I do more, but if I do nothing else, I do this.

I've been teaching an online Goddess study group where we recently talked about daily practices.  I'm a big proponent of keeping things simple.  People are busy enough with their day-to-day commitments that they don't always have the time to do something elaborate or complex.  It doesn't have to be.  Setting up an altar and lighting a candle and burning incense in offering is enough.  It's simple and allows us for a moment to focus our minds and hearts on Goddess.  If you can do more then great!  Go for it!  If you can't, then you can do these simple things and it's just as spiritually placed and effective.

I have a special rose scented incense that I like that I burn only on Fridays and on any other of Aphrodite's festivals (monthly and annual).  Tanisha very kindly sent me a candle that she made especially for me, so lately I've been burning that in offering to Aphrodite.  Today I also cleaned my altar and re-arranged it.

For this week's flower, I share with you a video of a song that's really hot in the UK right now.  If you're not in the UK and you're curious about what we're listening to, well this is it.  It's number 1 on the pop charts here right now (or so it was last I knew).  If you're in the UK, you're probably sick of hearing it! :D  I like it.  It's a catchy tune.

There's been a lot of speculation about who this song is about.  I don't really care. What I hear when I listen to the lyrics is someone talking about how her love walked with her through a dark time and how she does not want to be parted from him/her.  Because there's talk of darkness and death in the lyrics, it feels very Epitymbria to me.  So here it is - Promise This by Cheryl Cole.  Enjoy and have a beautiful weekend filled with love!

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