Thursday, 2 December 2010

Happy Anniversary

One year ago today, Tanisha and I ignited Aphrodite's Flame to honour Her love, beauty and passion.  The past year, I've sent tealights which are descendants lit from our original Flame to many Aphrodite loving people throughout the world.  Aphrodite's Flame also burns brightly in the Goddess Temple in Orange County, California and I understand Tanisha continues to share Aphrodite's Flame with everyone in her own community, as I have in my own community in London.  As Her Flame is shared it weaves a web of Aphrodite's light around the world, warming our hearts, igniting our passion and bringing us joy.

I continue to light Her Flame every Friday to honour Her on Her day, at her monthly festivals and any other time I celebrate Her or simply wish to connect with Her.  I've lit Her Flame today as well to honour this special anniversary.  May Aphrodite's love continue to be spread throughout the world through the sharing of Her fiery light!

For more info and to request a tealight, please see the Flame's page:

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