Friday, 21 January 2011

Oh Dear....

Oh the time has gotten away from me!  I didn't realise it had been so long since I've posted here!

So here we are on the day of our Beloved once again and I have held Her energy in my heart today as I've given Her my offerings.

I recently visited a local Asian supermarket and found bottles of rose water on sale "for ceremonial purposes".  I'm not very well read on day-to-day practices in the Muslim and Hindu paths, although I'm familiar with the use of rose water in their wedding rites.  So I was delighted to find rose water so promptly bought myself a bottle to use for my own ceremonial purposes in honouring Aphrodite. I've delighted in the wonderful scent as I've sprinkled rose water over my Aphrodite statues.  Today, I used it to anoint myself as I came forth from my shower.  So I give to you as this Friday's Flower, a simple anointing/blessing ritual that you can do whenever you like.

Required:  Rose water or rose oil or some other type of flower water or oil which is significant to you in your worship of Aphrodite.  You may wish to put the water or oil in a small bowl or chalice.

It's lovely to do this just coming from a bath or shower, but it's not totally necessary for you to have taken one prior, although you should be clean.

Stand naked before a mirror and say:  "Beloved Aphrodite, as I anoint myself with Your essence, I ask for Your blessings.

(Sprinkle or dab water/oil to your forehead)  Bless my thoughts that they be filled with love.

(Touch your closed eyes)  Bless my eyes that they see beauty in all things.

(Touch your lips)  Bless my lips that they speak words of love.

(Touch your throat)  Bless me with Your waters that I may never thirst.

(Touch your heart)  Bless my heart that it be filled with Your love and light.

(Touch your belly)  Bless me with your abundance that I may never hunger.

(Touch your abdomen)  Bless me with creativity and intuition.

(Touch your genitals)  Bless my principle that it may give and receive pleasure.

(Touch your legs)  Bless my legs that I may be supported on my path.

(Touch your feet)  Bless my feet that I may walk in beauty.

(Sprinkle water on your crown chakra)  Bless me Lady that I may be radiate Your love to all whose path I touch today.

Blessed be."

Feel free to change the words to suit your own taste.  Enjoy and happy Friday!


  1. What a beautiful affirmation!
    I think this is just what I've been seeking to help generate confidence form within, and with Aphrodite. Thank you Elle.
    I will try this tomorrow morning-
    Wednesdays are always the longest days of the week for me. Class from 9:20am to 9:30pm.
    Reminding myself of this morning ritual should help me keep my intentions on track.