Monday, 14 February 2011

Feast of Eros

Today is the Feast of Eros aka Cupid or to the secular Valentine's Day - so Happy Feast Day!  Happy Valentine's Day!

I hear a lot of Valentine's Day haters go on about the commercialism of the holiday, how it's simply a plot for vendors to make money, how derogatory it is to people, especially women, who measure their self-worth or the validity of their love relationship by the presents she gets on this day.

As a little girl, I never got that message.  I never got the message that Valentine's Day was only for those romantically involved. I always made Valentine's Day cards for my grandparents, my mom and dad.  I felt like it was a day to tell the people I love that I love them.  Sure, you shouldn't need a special day for that, but why not take a day out to just tell someone how much you mean to them? What is so wrong with that?

I still give my daughters treats and cards for Valentine's Day.  I don't believe it's just about the romantic love side of  love.  Sure, we could go in to the history of it all and point out how it's been corrupted over time, but could we not say the same thing about all holidays?  Why pick on Valentine's Day especially?  Is Christmas not just as commercialised and a huge push by vendors to make money?  What about Halloween?  I can't imagine the shops are selling Halloween crap just for our benefit.

I don't think the commercialism angle holds out.  It's true of any holiday pretty much.  I don't think it's just about romantic love either, an angle that's been exploited for far too long.  Instead, I prefer to see this day as a celebration of love and yes, a chance to indulge ourselves a little bit.  Isn't it nice to break up the monotony of winter with a little love fest?  I think so.

So haters - please don't hate - celebrate!  Celebrate the love that surrounds you and the love you have for others, whether you're in a relationship or not.  It's a great day for it!

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  1. That's how we did Valentine's growing up, and I always liked it! It's a much healthier approach than making it ONLY about one type of love.