Sunday, 22 May 2011

Seasons Change

I've just been posting over on Avalon Blessings about what's been up with me since the end of February. Mostly personal stuff. Not much priestess stuff.

What little priestess news there is deserves to be posted here as it concerns Aphrodite. Goddess, generally, has Her way of leading us where She wants us to go and Aphrodite is no exception. I have been feeling Aphrodite's energy building within me; a driving force of inspiration and beauty and love. I have felt Her calling me to do more to bring Her worship back to the fold and I've spent a lot of time contemplating ways that I can do this.

But me being ever the Libra with a Pisces moon I'm often stuck in my head dreaming and manifesting can often times be challenging, especially as I'm such a perfectionist.

Some months ago, the lovely Laurelei Black asked me and another priestess to become moderators on her Yahoo Group Thiasos Aphrodite. I was honoured she even considered me, let alone asked. I was happy to step in and help out.

But Laurelei's path has moved in a new direction now and she has decided to take a big step back from everything Aphrodite as she is moving on. No doubt those reading here will have seen her announcement on her blog last month. Simultaneously with her step back, she made me co-owner of the Thiasos. Again, I was honoured she even considered me, let alone hand the reigns over.

Being co-owner of the Thiasos Aphrodite group has not changed anything for me. I still feel it's Laurelei's group. I'm just the go-to person now. More than anything though, it felt like a kick in the bum from Aphrodite with Her saying, "Ok, here you go. Now do something!"

Er, uh, ok!

Things are stirring and brewing even more in the cauldron and I anticipate next year will see some interesting things happening.

This year, though, I'm assisting Jane Meredith in promoting a workshop she's doing in London on the Demeter-Persephone story. She will be in London for a few days and I was happy to help her find a space and time to do this workshop. She's doing a workshop at Alternatives on the 10th September called Healing Aphrodite: Healing Women's Sexual Wounds. Then the following day on the 11th September she'll be doing a workshop on The Mother Daughter Story - Demeter & Persephone. I hope to be at the one on the 10th and will definitely be at the one on the 11th since I am helping in the promotion. For further details please see Jane's website: Or for details of the workshop on the 11th you can contact me direct.

In the meantime, I'm looking forward to the Summer Solstice and celebrating Aphrodite at Her peak time of the year. Roll on June!

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